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KatMouse gives you access to options which help you enhance the performance of your mouse wheel. With its assistance, you can alter the mouse wheel behavior and scroll any windows directly beneath the mouse cursor.

This tool lives in your System Tray from where you can configure the mouse wheel settings according to your needs and enable or disable the program's features. You don't need much computer experience to use this utility on your PC as every program option has a detailed explanation. For example, you can set your mouse wheel to scroll by 3 lines at a time.

Another great thing is that you can use KatMouse to assign a task for your wheel's button. After you enable this feature from the Settings panel, you will be able to switch between windows of other tools by hitting the wheel's button.

The only aspect you need to consider before downloading this program is that you don't necessarily need it if you're working on a Windows 10 computer. The operating system provides you by default with features that are similar to the ones that are available in KatMouse.

To summarize, it's worth installing this free utility on your computer if you're working on a PC that has an operating system version older than Windows 10. It's simple to handle, provides you with useful features, and works great.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Works fast
  • Uses minimum CPU resources while sitting on your System Tray
  • Helps you easily switch between windows


  • Windows 10 already provides you with many of KatMouse's features
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